Anna Ehrgot @annaehrgott

Anna Ehrgot @annaehrgott


We think you're amazing. Truly. Which is why we'd love to have you as an Ambassador for a WE ARE Creative Adventurers trip. What does this mean? We've outlined it so you can read through, feel it out, and see if it's something you'd be into.


What is WE ARE?

We Are Creative Adventurers is an empowering travel experience that uncovers creative passions while impacting social and environmental change across the globe. Our week-long adventures are designed for a group of like-minded individuals (usually around 10 participants and 3 facilitators) craving a non-traditional travel experience, with creativity being the key to expansion and connection. We travel minimally, with a focus on cultivating experiences rather than luxuries as we travel to remote destinations. This encourages self-discovery and awareness not only through the challenges, but through our environmental efforts of plastic-free use, sourcing of locally grown food, and supporting local businesses. 


WE ARE is rooted in 5 elements:

- Adventure & Environment

- Creativity & Cultural Immersion

- Community Service

- Selfgrowth & Friendship

- Healthy Lifestyle


What does an Ambassador do?

Morgan Haley @the_southern_yogi

Morgan Haley @the_southern_yogi

An ambassador is more than just a social media influencer, she's a host that guides the trip with respect. As an ambassador you have the privilege of choosing the location of your trip as well as designing the itinerary to your liking. The creative workshop and community-service project are tailored to your knowledge of the area and interest in giving of your unique talents to your favorite destination. The idea is that as Ambassador, you are guiding the group on a trip you would take yourself, with all your favorite locations, activities, food and cultural experiences mapped out.

It's not required that you choose a location you've been to before, but we find it adds a deeper level of cultural immersion to be able to guide from experience. But if you've got a dream destination in mind, let us know what you're passionate about experiencing and we can make it happen. Also it is not required that you give a workshop on the creative project, however, if you're open to it, we'd love to learn from you! Both these areas are how we immerse in the community, gather cultural education, and create awareness as conscious travelers.


Examples for creative workshops:

Painting, Photography,  Writing, Cooking, Textile,  Ceramic, Natural Dying... and many more


Examples for community-service projects:

Art project with kids, Farming, Beach Cleanup, Working with indigenous women's groups, Volunteer programs

So just to wrap it up..


What's included for an Ambassador:

- Choice of the location for their adventure + activities

- Choice of creative workshop

- Choice of community service project

- All expenses paid (flight, meals, luggage fees, accommodation)


Terms of Agreement: 

- Promotion of your Adventure on social media

- Commitment to conscious travel ethics and leadership

- Committment in writing to dates/itinerary once established


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Email us to

We are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback and tailor this trip to suit your needs. Speak soon!