Achieving a state of mindfulness is the milestone to living a wholesome life defined by all the moments one is present; not just physically but emotionally and mentally. To be mindful is to live with an understanding that nothing else matters than the exact moment you are in. As We Are Creative Adventurers, we’ve created retreats and experiences so worthwhile that one can’t help but to take in the awe of a specific moment. Our beautiful friend Giulia Fiorentini is an advocate and teacher for this very lifestyle.  


Please to meet you! My name is Giulia and I’m a Rome born traveler that believes in the place  which we were raised as one of our greatest influencers. Just like the city I grew up in, I’m chaotic, maybe what some might call disorderly, eclectic and at times, I radiate a bright light of awesome; not to mention I’m humble too.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology, a Masters in Neuroscience, and more recently,  a teaching credential in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). This is where my passion lies; in the ability to teach others how to focus on the moment in front of them and remember to  live by “a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.”

What makes a creative adventurer?

My bravery. During my early 20’s, I decided that stepping out of my comfort zone is the best way to put my life to the test. So, I followed the urge to leave my home and discover new spaces. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I moved by myself to London. Shortly after, I opted for a two month backpacking trip in North India where I spent my days driving a Jeep through the Himalayas and hiking the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. I’ve studied in Paris and San Diego and I currently live and teach in the Tuscan sea village of Ansedonia.


Can you give us a little bit of background on the practice of being mindful?

The concept of mindfulness is most firmly rooted in Buddhist psychology and is founded on the ancient practice of vipassana and zen meditation, combined with gentle movement from Hatha yoga. The natural tendency of the mind is to wander, often in the past or in the future; the aim of this practice is to train the mind to be in the present moment. Authors of scientific journals have found that our levels of happiness correlate with the amount of time spent thinking about something else while doing an activity.  So, the more we are present and aware of our experiences the more we promote our well-being.


What began your love and interest for mindfulness?

While in India, I visited the Buddhist regions where I found a peace and quiet that I couldn’t quite understand. I like to say this paved the way for my discovery of mindfulness. It was not until I did an internship after earning my Master’s did I delve into the practice. I began attending Master classes in mindfulness, clinical practice and neuroscience at the La Sapienza University of Rome.


What activities do you recommend for someone who wish to clear their mind and focus on the now?

I believe in meditation whether it be sitting or walking. When I teach mindfulness, I like to engage in both group discussions and individually tailored instructions to better understand the mystery behind the interactions of the mind, body, and soul.


We’re so excited for you to join us on the Amalfi trip! What do you have planned for us there?

A workshop that will be highly participatory and designed to help you understand and cultivate moment-to-moment awareness while bringing more joy, creativity and happiness into your life. We’ll delve into different types of practice, from focused attention, which allows the mind to reach a state of stillness, to open monitoring meditation, in which we observe everything that  appears in the stream of consciousness. We’ll explore the body’s dimension through specific exercises and learn how to release tensions and increase energy. I’ll introduce you to the practice of loving-kindness, an ancient meditation that involves self-acceptance, empathy and kindness for oneself and others. Finally, we’ll discuss together what emerged during your practice and I’ll give you the instruments to continue on your meditation path.