This past Saturday was defined by creativity, do it yourself mentality, and dark blue stains? Absolutely! We hosted an indigo shibori workshop in the comfort of Giulia’s backyard with local artist Tierney Moses and her assistant Gayla Berkefelt. We bonded over delicious, fresh snacks and small talk while attempting to learn the ins and outs of the dying process. The crowd was small and intimate with about ten women learning to dye silk scarves, curtains, tote bags, and even baby clothes. There were no limits in transforming plain, white fabrics into something beautiful and unique. Being such an ancient craft, Tierney gave us some background information about the history of indigo and its ability to supply deep blue fabrics since 1600 B.C. How fascinating it was to realize that such a traditional process had made its way to this very day. The process was fairly simple; select a design, fully submerge the fabric into water, dip it into the indigo, rinse the excess dye out, and repeat. It was an easy and repetitive activity but there was so much excitement behind the anticipation of revealing freshly dyed fabrics.  The most ambitious aspect of the entire workshop was choosing a design; there was so much variety! Some women initially settled for a chevron design then made a last minute decision to switch to a spider-web-like design or a grid-like pattern. Nonetheless, our final products were stunning; mistakes were encouraged and ironically, they resulted in the best outcomes. The beauty of this workshop was that many of us had never touched indigo but came in with an open mind and left with a new skill...and not to mention a handful of self-designed items!


After hours of getting acquainted with indigo, we shifted into the second part of the night; our Scorpion Bay short film preview. The setting quickly switched from a ‘blue backyard’ to a cozy space of string lights, mexican blankets laid out under the stars, and alternative pop music by talented singer Justin Froese. It was a friends and family affair and a crucial moment for We Are Creative Adventurers. We wanted to spread our name and purpose and it was a success nonetheless. We created that moment ourselves and we thank everyone that came to support! If you weren’t there, no worries! The contents of the film can’t be put into words but please make your way down below to experience it first hand.