Lex Weinstein is an ambassador of the senses, documenting her nomadic adventures of surfing, fashion, culture, and the spiritual revolution induced by travel. Right after graduating college, Lex worked tirelessly as a graphic designer and visual merchandiser in high fashion retail. By 2013 she'd had enough and bid a permanent farewell to the 9-5 work structure and traded stability for adventure and inspiration, with the open road as her only home. Read all about Lex through her interview with We Are. 


What makes you a creative adventurer?

4 years ago I quit my 9-5, sold all my belongings, and took off to the other side of the world with no boards, a carry on bag, and a dream to become a wardrobe stylist. I've since surfed countless different waves on numerous different boards, realized a career in styling, freelance writing, and creative directing, and stumbled upon the most fascinating pockets of the world while meeting incredible people and expressing my creativity in every way I can. I find security in the spontaneity of the universe, the unknown is my security blanket, that's where the magic lives.

What's your definition of happiness?

Happiness is when everything in your reality coexists in harmony, when desires are realized, not through manipulation but through realization of your own true power, and when you can easily relax into the unknown with faith that the universe is supporting you in every way.


What was your biggest learning experience from traveling solo?

That when forced to sort out problems on your own you revert to primal instincts that we have almost lost. And I don't mean problems like "what am I going to eat for dinner?" I mean problems like, "ok...I'm riding around Indonesia with a strange Balinese taxi driver who doesn't know where he's going and is looking at me to direct him....where do I have this guy drop me off?!" It's in those moments that we're forced to truly listen to our gut, and navigate our way through situations based on nothing but intuition. NOTHING is more empowering!


What is your favorite part about Morocco? Why is it a good place to host a retreat?

Morocco is nothing short of the most fantastic melting pot of culture I've ever witnessed. Historically it's been one of the biggest port stops for all commerce between Europe and Africa (and elsewhere) for centuries. It's common to hear 4 languages spoken (Arabic, French, English, and traditional Berber) and markets flooded with all sorts of crafts, spices, wears, rugs, etc. from a blend of techniques from all over the world. It's a hustle and bustle country that forces you to turn inward to find peace and quiet.

It's a beautiful place for this immersion experience because we can explore so many different landscapes -- metropolis, desert, and ocean -- as well as the richness of culture, food, tradition, and of course SURF! It's a country that takes us outside our comfort zones and forces us to rely on our instincts which is always the goal when traveling adventurously! 


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Tell us a little bit about the writing workshop you plan to lead.

One of my favorite exercises when traveling is to take a moment before bed or with my morning coffee and recap the day's adventures. Not only does this help me to remember every detail of the trip to swoon over later but it allows me to assess myself more clearly -- what I enjoyed, what I didn't, what events I expected vs. what truly unfolded, what experiences may have scared me and how I surprised myself with my response in order to make it through. I want to share these techniques to encourage intuition awareness and use journaling as a way to remember not only this incredible trip, but for back at home when we forget what we are capable of. This journal will be a mix of a travel recap,  a love letter to ourselves, and a souvenir to keep forever.

What items can't you live without when traveling here?

My boards, a journal and favorite pen (very important), sarong, good book, comfy long pants and long sleeve blouses, Arabic vocab book, and an epic playlist.

We're excited for you to join us on our Morocco trip where we will give back through Project 91. What do you think you contribute to the areas you travel to? What "mark" do you think you leave?

Over the years on all my travels I've realized that, although a grand gesture is appreciated, it can be just as impactful to be aware and conscious of every action I take. Attempting to learn and speak the language (even if I stumble), smiling and using manners, being patient and understanding of a different culture, picking up trash when I see it, reducing my waste by bringing reusable bottles and cutlery, supporting small, local businesses, ....essentially I try to leave every place I've been better than I found it. I like to make friends with the locals and earn their respect, I guess my mark is the way I make people feel and that I take care of their home as though it were my own. Those small things add up in a big way. 

In your opinion, why should someone sign up for this retreat?

Among the COUNTLESS reasons that come to mind, there's really two that stand out:

1. Your international travel experience is minimal and you want to gain confidence, learn the best travel tricks, surf waves you never knew existed, and explore with a group who will support you and encourage your growth as a creative adventurer.


2. You've traveled heaps alone and want something different -- comradery, community, volunteering, writing, guidance vs. doing it all yourself, and a chance to dig deeper and share what you find. 

I am so looking forward to meeting and exploring all the beautiful participants of this retreat! Without a doubt anyone who signs up will walk away having explored incredible pockets of Morocco, surfed incredible waves, gained a deeper understanding of themselves, felt the joys of giving back while abroad, and developed a unique perspective of travel that they can articulate through writing.. plus so much more. Not to mention one lucky participant will be going home with a brand new Bing Foil which we will raffle off in October!! If you need more reasons feel free to email me and I'm happy to talk you through it ;)

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