Strong women. They are who we live to see following their dreams and making a name for themselves. Morgan Haley is at the pinnacle of this ideal, following her passion for Yoga and inspiring other women in return. She'll be with us in Amalfi to share her expertise and we'll have more about that once the adventure comes but until then, get a glimpse into the mind of the brilliant yogi down below. 

morgan haley

What makes you a creative adventurer?

One of my favorite things about creative adventuring is finding secrets side streets, epic backdrops, crazy architecture and hidden spaces to film yoga flows and take photos. 

How has your practice made you stronger? Both physically and mentally.

Oh my goodness. Physically I don't think I've ever been stronger. Yoga has a way of working muscles you didn't even know existed. I do love training all things handstands and arm balances for upper body strength. Mentally, yoga is my safe place. My mat is a space to cry, heal, sweat, laugh and just BE. All it asks is that you show up, just as you are. 

How has becoming a yogi helped you find your voice?

It's so funny. When I was younger I was TERRIFIED of public speaking. I didn't even like to read out loud or answer a question in front of others during school. So I avoided it at all costs. I think the universe has a funny way of knowing exactly what you need to push you out of your comfort zone. Once I started growing on Instagram and traveling, my job literally became speaking in front of others. I had no choice. Now, I've taught yoga in front of thousands, spoken about my journey around the globe multiple times over and taught workshops throughout countless cities and countries. I actually feel a deep sense of gratitude knowing that I'm on the right path every time I step in front of a crowd. 


We're following you on @Ab_asanas Instagram and we've seen incredible results from girls all around the world! Where did you get inspiration to create this project to help people in their Yoga journey?

My inspiration behind Ab'Asanas stemmed from my belief that a strong core is the foundation to any functional and efficient exercise routine. Without a strong mid section, we compensate in different ways throughout our bodies and potentially risk injuring ourselves. I wanted to create a guide that catered to all levels, all ages, and people from all walks of life. Whether you're a Yogi, a mom, someone who weight lifts, or sits behind a desk during the day; my e-books can be utilized by everyone. 

Your trip to Hawaii looked amazing. Tell us what you learned from this trip? How was traveling with your best friend and your boyfriend?

Wow. Hawaii is just its own sort of magic. It's my second time visiting the islands and I have such a deep sense of wonder and awe for the beauty and unknown of it all. It just reminds me how infinitely small we are on this earth and in the grand scheme of things, our worries and problems are so insignificant. Traveling there with my best friend for the second summer in a row was a dream. Especially since this time around we got to bring our humans with us. I mean kissing under waterfalls and roasting marshmallows under thousands of stars with the sound of the ocean behind you? I can't fathom anything better. 

What do you hope to gain out of the Amalfi trip? What do you hope others will gain out of this trip? 

Italy makes me think of quaint, street-side cafes, vibrant, beautiful humans, and all the carbs and dairy my heart can handle. 

What do you look forward to on our yoga retreat to Amalfi, Italy?

I'm truly looking forward to sharing my practice with like-minded souls, and getting to share this trip with the world's best mom who is joining me on our retreat. 



Arrivederci Morgan, see you in Italy.

We love you 

Morgan Haley
Giulia bacci