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Adventure in the Adriatic with Maria Andrew



A Croatian adventure led by a local

MAy 4-11, 2019 >




we create writing, illustration, & travel experiences in Croatia with one of our favorite illustrator Maria Andrew !  Join us on an Adriatic adventure to Eastern Europe.  Splash in some of the clearest water in the world.  Spend a day casually cruising on a yacht that will take us to explore caves + end the day with a wine tasting.  Partake in a painting workshop to learn how to capture the essence of Croatia in acrylic.  Immerse yourself in the ancient history of Croatia with a romp around the Roman Ruins of Hvar.  Explore the island of Komiza like a true European vis Vespa!  We will end our adventure with a giving back project where we paint a mural with the local school children. 


DAY 5 - Vis Vespa Exploration

7:30-9am Morning Yoga

9-9:30am Breakfast

10-1 Stiniva- Nude Beach or the Iconic one.... (Uncle Nenad drive one car + taxi)

1-2 Chef’s Lunch

2-6 Ride vespas across island to Komiza, explore Komiza (bring money for coffee/snacks)

7:30 Dinner at Lola


DAY6 - Giveback

7:30-9am Morning Yoga

9-9:30 breakfast

10-1 Giveback Project - mural with kids

1-2 Lunch

3-5 Sea Swim

5-7 Painting/Journaling

7:30 Special Castle Dinner - book ahead


Day 7 - Depart

Morning Yoga/Closing Circle


Depart from Vis to Split

DAY 1 Arrival in SPLIT

Welcome Circle


DAY 2 Arrival in Vis

Depart on 3pm Boat- arrive to Vis 5:30pm



Free Time


DAY 3 Yacht Day: Cave Swimming + Wine Tasting

8-9:30am Morning Yoga + Meditation

9:30-10:30am Breakfast

11-3 Blue Cave & swimming + Picnic Lunch on yacht

4:30-6:30 Painting Workshop with Nenad

7:30 Dinner at Pojoda

Free Time


DAY 4 - Day Excursion to Hvar

7:30-9 am Morning Yoga

9-9:30 am Breakfast

10am depart via boat to Hvar

11-1 Explore ruins of Hvar led by Leia

1-2 Lunch in city

2-2:30 Buy snacks in local farmer's market

2:30-5:30 Hike in Lavender Fields and explore Ethno-ecovillage, end up at sea for a swim

6 pm Depart Hvar

7:30 Chef’s Dinner



Learn how to capture the beautiful and ethereal essence of Croatia through paint + canvass.  


  • Early Morning Yoga and Meditation

  • Breakfast 

  • Travel to destination

  • Lunch + Free Time

  • Afternoon Activity (photography workshop - give back - creative workshop - explore)

  • Free Time + Appetizers and tea

  • Dinner

  • Free Time + night circle 

A more detailed itinerary will be sent to confirmed guests closer to date. 


  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • Painting workshop

  • Give back project: create a mural 

  • Experience traditions and customs 

  • Visit Blue Cave

  • Dinner at Fort George

  • Healthy traditional meals

  • Yacht trip to Stiniva Cove

  • Explore Hvar Ruins

  • Explore Komiza via Vespa 


  • Healthy meals for all 6 days (breakfast, lunch, & dinner + snacks) 

  • All taxis + group shuttle to/from airport + cities

  • Yacht fees 

  • Daily Yoga

  • Blue Cave Boat Ride

  • Painting Workshop

  • Giving back project 

  • Onsite photographer


  • Airfare

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Gratuities for guides

mari andrew

Our teams are made up of visual storytellers, writers, and wanderers, and we want to share both our passion for our crafts and what we, as independent entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners, have discovered about doing what you love for a living. While we welcome technology as a means to share and connect, the focus of our retreats is not on social media, blogging, or lectures. Instead, these retreats are immersive creative, travel, and culinary experiences. We believe that travel experiences can be transformative, and that an experience shared is an experience multiplied. 


MARI ANDREW - Writer + Illustrator

Mari (rhymes with starry) is a writer, illustrator, speaker, and aspiring flamenco enthusiast, living in New York. 

She has been a writer forever, but became an illustrator when she was going through a season of grief and loss in 2016 and needed a new fun form of self-expression to lift her up. She tried guitar, salsa, surfing, and instructional cooking videos, but drawing is the hobby that really stuck. 




Born and raised in Florence, Italy Giulia has been on her personal pursuit of what creates and maintains happiness.  Giulia's kind heart and creative spirit shine through her work and are showcased in the giving back projects WE ARE does abroad.  When she is not trying to find the key to happiness Giulia is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and a lover of any adventure; from snowboarding on the slopes to dancing on water while surfing you will find her with a big smile and open heart.  

LEIA MARASOVICH- Yogini and water child Native Croat!

Since a young age, Leia was exposed to yoga/eastern philosophies and found great respect for these ancient teachings and traditions. She has traveled the world teaching yoga internationally- from Bulgaria to Italy, Morocco and Ecuador. Her profound connection with nature and indigenous cultures has led her to participate in authentic ceremonies and sustainability-related projects, witch which she marries a nuanced spiritual outlook and a passion for the arts. 



Villa Dojmi

Nested in the heart of island Vis on 15 hectares of land, Villa Dojmi is a charming ensemble of two 19 century old stone houses--fully restored and stylishly furnished with spectacular views over the surrounding countryside of flourishing vineyards and olive groves. Luxurious facilities complement the lovely home. 

The private estate produces famous wines and a distinctive olive oil which you can taste and enjoy during your stay. 

The classic beauty of Villa Dojmi combined with its history and idyllic countryside setting create the perfect backdrop for an adventure.
Wake up to the sounds of birds singing, enjoy the silence, summer breeze, scent of aromatic herbs from our mediterranean gardens, run down the lawn, take a nap in hammock, or book a massage to make your adventure magical. 

Come and experience the warm hospitality with glass of wine and celebrate the beauty of life.




All of our meals will align with the cuisine of the local culture. ITraditional Croatian food have some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food. Yet, Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation, and taste.

However, If you have dietary restrictions please notify us ahead of time. 


Flights should be booked to Split Airport SPU (AKA Resnik Airport





One of the foundational principles of WE ARE’s mission is the desire to give back to the destinations visited; redefining how we answer the call to travel.  We will be volunteering our time and funds creating a mural! 

We will also clean up every beach we set foot on - a small and simple effort, that shines a light on the issues of waste, particularly when it pours directly into our oceans.

Help us grow our WE ARE forest.  For every retreat sign up, we will plant a tree through the international project, Treedom, to help capture CO2 emissions, improve air quality, and create a tangible symbol of WE ARE's mission.



IMPORTANT : Please read our FAQ and Terms of Service BEFORE BOOKING! 

Hope to see you there!