The body, the mind, and the spirit; they may seem like three separate parts of us but don’t be fooled for they encompass the the living, breathing temple that is our being. To fuel the body is to fuel the mind is to fuel the spirit. What we choose to put into ourselves is representative of our levels of energy, the vibrancy of our skin, and even our emotions. We view food beyond the perimeters of something to keep us alive and our bellies full; we envision food as the natural medicine that protect and allow us to live out our dreams. For us, we cannot give back as creative adventurers without the proper nutrition to fuel our work.

During our Mexico trip, we hosted a design food workshop with a Mexican chef and learned to make ceviche, salsa, roasted pepper dishes, and guacamole. All of these dishes utilized the powers of healthy, organic, locally grown, and delicious ingredients.

The same will be done in Italy as we expose participants to the traditional ritual of making gnocchi. Creativity will encompass this cooking experience as we will make different colored dough using nature's dye (beets, carrots, spinach). The entirety of the activity will be done blindfolded as to capture cooking and eating as an emotional experience instead of a mindless act of putting ‘things’ into our bodies.

We are not superhumans but can strive to be with the idea that what we radiate into the world is accustomed to what we put in; the strength of this radiation directs from the inside out.