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Adventures with Purpose

You might have heard it in the winds of an afternoon hike, the trickles of an unforeseen rainfall, or even in the flashback of a favorite childhood memory; whichever it may be, the spirit of adventure is calling and it's everlasting. Our goal is to answer this call but to do so with purpose. We Are Creative Adventurers is a travel experience empowering women to discover their passions and create change. The retreats we plan are designed to create a community of empowered women, coexist with nature while striving for a better understanding of oneself, and giving back to the destinations we travel to. 

As creative adventurers, we strive to redefine how we answer the call to travel, wander, and learn. It's no longer just about discovering this world but respecting the needs of nature. We believe in its power and that's why each retreat experience is focused on a different social and environmental cause.

Let's get lost with a new community that dare to make change and become mothers of mother nature.


September 12-18, 2017


October  14-21, 2017


Our mission is to create a generation of inspired women travelers that desire to change and impact communities around the world.