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petra - wadi rum - dead sea



Capture the Heart of Jordan

Photography adventure to the fertile crecsent



TBD 2019 >






    WE ARE invites you to join a journey of a lifetime to the ancient lands in Jordan.  Start your adventure in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Amman, before you graze your hands against the ruins in Petra brining you all the way back to 400 BC. Not long after, feel the magnetic and powerful energy from the vast desert in WadiRum Village, while looking into the deep eyes of a camel which you will soon be riding across the desert. This will be followed by exfoliating your bodies with the natural mud from the dead sea after floating on top of such unique waters, gazing into the sky. But, it doesn't end here. When we travel to a new land, we always do our part by giving back. We will be partnering with Bedoubag-- we will learn partake in a traditonal Lumeyo weaving workshop inspired by Bedouin Tradition. Join us in an adventure full of explorations, connection, creativity, and love. 

    DAY 1 - AMMAN

    We will all meet at the airport.  Together we will travel to our hotel to begin our adventure.  Arrival Airport (Queen Alia International Airport – Amman)

    Arrive in Amman at or before XX:XX.  If you wish to fly into Amman at an earlier time and do not want to wait you can arrange for your own travel to the accommodation. Meet Giulia the founder of WE ARE, Ami Vitale, + the ladies who will be on this adventure together this evening.  We will open this journey with a welcome ceremony where we will introduce ourselves and learn more about the tour and plans for the following day.  Choose to head out for an optional dinner at a local restaurant.

    DAY 2 - AMMAN - Jerash 

    Take a step back in time visiting Jerash, one of the most well-preserved Roman sites outside of Italy. Wander amid its paved and colonnaded streets, soaring hilltop temples, handsome theatres, spacious public squares and plazas, baths, fountains, and city walls pierced by towers and gates – all in exceptional condition.

    DAY 3  -  MADABA ( TBD)

    We will race the sun to get an early start for the long but very interesting drive by way of the King's Highway to Petra. The first stop is Mount Nebo, which is believed by many to be the site of Moses' death and has thus been a centre for pilgrimage since the earliest Christian times. Visit the town of Madaba, which has some of the finest Byzantine mosaics in the world.
    Madaba Mosaics Guided Tour Explore Madaba’s long history on this guided tour, including its role as the centre of early Christianity. See some of the finest Byzantine mosaics in the world, including the famous sixth-century mosaic map of the Middle East. Tour churches, the Archaeological Park, and the local museum that's housed in several old Madaba residences.


    Our adventure will take us to Petra to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site..  We will immerse ourselves in the history of the city, one of the greatest tourist attractions in the Middle East. The Nabateans carved this capital from the living rock of the surrounding mountains in Petra. Visit monuments that include the Pharaoh's Castle, the triumphal arch, the amphitheater, and the monastery.


    Travel back in time, with a camel ride, to an era of history where the traders, filled with dreams of prosperity, rode their camels for days and days through these mountains and deserts. In Wadi Rum, you will ride that path and experience the miraculous journey where humans and nature carved their paths on this desert habitat.

    Later, continue to the famed Dead Sea. Float weightlessly in the healing waters--swim and use the natural sea salts and mud as your own personal spa. At 423m (1,388 ft) below sea level, the shores of the Dead Sea are at the lowest land elevation on Earth. The sea is named because its salinity is so high (up to nine times that of the world’s oceans) that only a few microorganisms can live in its waters.

    DAY 8

    Back to Amman and goodbye .. see you on the next adventure


    Immerse yourself in the culture of the Bedouin Tradition by weaving bright and colorful rugs. We are partnering with an incredible company, Bedoubag, who aims to empower local women and inspire the next generation to learn a craft.



    • Early Morning yoga and meditation

    • Breakfast 

    • Travel to destination

    • Lunch + Free Time

    • Afternoon Activity (photography workshop - give back - creative workshop - explore)

    • Dinner

    • Free Time +  night circle 

    A more detailed itinerary will be sent to confirmed guests closer to date. 


    • Photography workshop led by Marta

    • Visit Petra Ruins

    • Daily yoga and meditation

    • Desert Camel ride

    • Experience traditions and customs of bedouins

    • 4 x 4 riding through the desert

    • stargazing from your bed in Martian Camp 

    • Healthy traditionally meals

    • Unique giving back project with Generations for Peace Inc.  

    • Float in the Dead Sea


    • Accommodation for 7 nights (TBD)

    • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities

    • Healthy meals for all 8 days (breakfast, lunch, & dinner + snacks) 

    • All taxis + group shuttle to/from airport 

    • Weaving Workshop

    • Giving back project 

    • Onsite photographer

    • Jerash guided tour

    • Dead Sea visit

    • Petra guided tour


    • Alcoholic beverages

    • Travel Insurance 

    • Gratuities for guides


    Flights should be booked to Amman, Jordan (AMM). 





    GIULIA BACCI - Founder of WE ARE 

    Born and raised in Florence, Italy Giulia has been on her personal pursuit of what creates and maintains happiness.  Giulia's kind heart and creative spirit shine through her work and are showcased in the giving back projects WE ARE does abroad.  When she is not trying to find the key to happiness Giulia is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and a lover of any adventure; from snowboarding on the slopes to dancing on water while surfing you will find her with a big smile and open heart.  



    Nishan Hotel

    Their unique location is steps from shopping, dining and key service facilities.  The Hotel is part of Nishan complex which contains a large Supermarket, and Cafe offering traditional hot and cold drinks and Shisha!  A wonderful place to reset after a long journey.  

    Sun City Camp

    Combining modern style living and comfort while still living the authentic desert experience, the Sun City camp signature Martian Domes offer the guests the unique experience of combined luxury and authenticity. Situated in the Wadi Rum Desert, Sun City Camp is the first in the region to offer such domes that will allow you to gaze at the magnificent moon and stars from your own comfortable bed.


    Ma'in Hot Springs Hotel

    This oasis-style resort offers an outdoor pool and a spa situated directly under a hot spring waterfall. Surrounded by mountains, the Ma'In Hot Springs is only 30 minutes’ drive from the Dead Sea.  

    The spacious rooms at Ma'In Hot Springs are decorated in a contemporary style and include a balcony with views over the mountains or the valley. Some of our suites are overlooking the waterfall and our thermal pool


    Go on a flavor journey and explore traditional Jordanian cuisines. Enjoy Mezze with other women, a community style eating based with warm bread dipped and scooped into rich and delicious appetizer plates. Try classic dishes such as Kousa Mahshi, rice and minced meat stuffed in zucchinis, usually served with chicken and Wara' Aynab or Wara' Aynab/Dawali, grape leaves filled with herbed, minced vegetables, meat and rice, cooked with olive oil. Finish it all off with rich, popular Arabic coffee made with ground fire-roasted beans and cardamom drawn thin and served in espresso-sized servings. Your taste buds most definitely will not be let down on this adventure. 

      If you have dietary restrictions please notify us ahead of time. 


    One of the foundational principles of WE ARE’s mission is the desire to give back to the destinations visited; redefining how we answer the call to travel. 

    We will be partnering with Bedoubag  in a Lumeyo weaving workshop. 

    For centuries Bedouin women take pride in weaving tents, carpets, bags, horse decoration, items that  can survive years of heavy use. Nowadays the men of Petra work in tourism and their wives stay at home looking after the children. Their craft is put to little use except for making beautiful decorative and practical horse - and camel bags.

    This inspired founder of Bedoubag's to develop a product with them, based on their tradition, that would  appeal to a larger audience. We aim to create a new market and new appreciation for their work so they too can support their families and inspire their daughters to learn a craft. 

    By ordering a personal bedoubag you empower these women to provide for their families while creating a unique product they take pride in.




    IMPORTANT : Please read our FAQ and Terms of Service BEFORE BOOKING! 

    Hope to see you there!