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la SALADItA - mexico

with Anna Ehrgott




Treading lightly 

A Plant-Based Surf Trip to La Saladita, Mexico with Anna Ehrgott

4 - 10 March 2018 >

Price : $1,860 SOLD OUT



WE ARE is proud to announce its most conscious adventure yet to Playa La Saladita, Mexico. This trip is for the woman who wants to immerse in the natural elements of a rural, remote Mexican surf village while exploring the realms of food, art, health and beauty. While some of our journeys are spent on the road, traveling to several different backdrops, stretching to see it all, this unique Adventure has us planted on the sand in front of an empty lineup. We will be eating only local and healthy Mexican cuisine daily with fruit and veggies from the home garden grown steps away from the kitchen! Go Global, eat local. We will learn the tradition of Indigo dying on your very own Sage Brush Board Bags with a workshop by Ambassador Anna Ehrgott. We will take boat trips to surf and volunteer at a local, organic farm, consciously practice plastic-free efforts, work to protect all life through environmental efforts with a beach clean up, and truly immerse ourselves in the depths of the expansive Mexican landscapes. 


Customize a Sage Brush Board Bag with the Indigo &  Natural Dye Workshop.

Learn the fascinating world of natural color!

(longboard or short board sizes available)



Anna Ehrgott Saladita Mexico Retreat
  • Waves footsteps from the house and a world class surf break only walking distance away

  • Indigo dying surfboard bag workshop with Anna Ehrgott

  • Give-back and experience local, organic farm traditions and methods

  • Boat trip to surf "The Ranch"

  • Healthy, traditional, Mexican cuisine 

  • Daily yoga classes and singing bowl ritual with Leia Marasovich


  • Beachfront accommodation, 7 days/6 nights

  • Healthy meals for all 7 days (breakfast, lunch, & dinner + snacks) 

  • All taxis + group shuttle to/from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (ZIH)

  • Sage Brush Board Bag by Anna Ehrgott + Indigo dying supplies

  • Conscious Consumption with use of plant-based soaps, sunscreen, shampoo + conditioner for minimal environmental impact

  • Prana Yoga mat 


  • Airfare

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Alcoholic beverages


Flights should be booked to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (ZIH) Airport

Arrival Time - approx. between  11am - 6pm

Departure Time - approx. 12pm


Casas Playa Saladita is the ideal Zihua Vacation rental to put you right next to one of the best Mexico surf spots. With a gorgeous view of the beach and ample waves for surfing, it will be hard to leave the palms and white sand!

Accomodation Saladito Mexico Retreat
Accomodation Saladito Mexico Retreat
Accomodation Saladito Mexico Retreat


ANNA EHRGOTT - Traveling free surfer, Photographer, Environmentalist and Founder of Sagebrush Board Bags

Anna Ehrgott is a Southern California-based surfer/entrepreneur raised by forward-thinking parents and spent much of her childhood outdoors in her local hills. Today, Anna travels the world for her sponsors in search of waves and when she is home, creates one-of-a-kind surfboard bags. As an ambassador for brands like prAna and Manda, Anna works with companies she truly supports and sees positively, affecting the way all clothing and surf products are manufactured



LEIA MARASOVICH- Yogini and water child

Since a young age, Leia was exposed to yoga/eastern philosophies and found great respect for these ancient teachings and traditions. She has traveled the world teaching yoga internationally- from Bulgaria to Italy, Morocco and Ecuador. Her profound connection with nature and indigenous cultures has led her to participate in authentic ceremonies and sustainability-related projects, witch which she marries a nuanced spiritual outlook and a passion for the arts. 

LEX WEINSTEIN- Free surfer, Travel Writer, Conscious Creative

A nine-to-fiver turned wandering creative, Lex traded security and stability for adventure and inspiration. Four years of living on the road has led her to surf world class waves and deeply immerse in unfamiliar cultures and territories. Combining her lessons from the road with her formal background in graphic design, writing, and wardrobe + interior styling, she's been producing and creating sensory-experiences of all kinds while living a nomadic life. 



WE ARE Lex Weinstein and Leia Marasovich Saladito Mexico


In our backyard is an empty longboard beach break perfect for all levels. A 15 minute walk south is the infamous Saladita Point, often called a "Mirror Malibu." This long peeling left point break is absolutely perfect for our long-boarders. These will be our main surf spots. We will also make a day trip to The Ranch, a wilderness break that is fun for longboards or fish, if the swell is big enough. A classic A-frame with lefts and rights, this spot is usually a bit bigger, but softer than Saladita.

This trip is ideal for all levels of surfing.

Surf instructors/rental boards can be hired per request, but is not included in the cost of this trip.

WE ARE Surf and Adventure Retreat


One of the foundational principles of WE ARE’s mission is the desire to give back to the destinations visited; redefining how we answer call to travel. We will work within the local community and volunteer on a local, organic farm near La Saladita.

We will also clean up every beach we set foot in - a small and simple effort, that shines a light on the issues of waste, particularly when it pours directly into our oceans.

For every attendee, WE ARE plants a tree through the international movement, Treedom in order to help rebuild forests, capture CO2 emissions, improve air quality and create a tangible symbol for the WE ARE Mission.  

One tree is planted for every adventure sign-up to help protect our planet and natural resources. Help us to built WE ARE FOREST. If you are interested, find out more at




IMPORTANT : Please read our FAQ and Terms of Service BEFORE BOOKING! 

Hope to see you there!