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The Colors of panama 

secret cerEmonies in Bocas del Toro

9-16 March, 2019 >>





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Time to dig up that unpacked suitcase under the heaps of clothes in your closet, Panama is calling! You are invited to join us to the tropical jungles of Bocas del Toro!

We are excited to embark on this journey with Bonnie Wright where we will discover the true essence of Panama, and what lies within. The experience is simple; we will connect to mother nature and with each other in heart to take the time to refresh, renew and reset.

Happily, there is no escaping the water in Bocas as it is the hub of the archipelago! We will explore and appreciate the vibrant biodiverse natural life in the tropical Panamanian jungles while culturally immersing ourselves with the indigenous Ngöbe Bugle tribe to learn their practices behind their beautiful work of constructing chàcara bags. We will visit La Loma Cacao Farm where we will learn the practices and work of tropical farm life to bring us closer to the natural environment and local communities. We will unwind and relax on the pristine Panamanian beach working to promote awareness of the body-mind connection, creating inner peace that will leave us the best version of ourselves.

Together we can heal our very own planet and our own selves.



  • Bring out the greatest you - creating a space for women to connect at the deepest emotional level through creativity, travel and adventure in the most surreal and raw environments of Panama

  • Party waves

  • Cacao and Spiritual Ceremony

  • Cultural immersion with the indigenous Ngöbe Bugle tribe making traditional chàcaras bags, interlacing the hearts of women around the world while learning history in every thread

  • Community outreach with the non-profit Give & Surf and Changing Tides Foundation


  • Beachfront Lodging - 8 days / 7 nights at Casa Communal

  • Panamanian Farm to Table Experience 

  • Healthy meals for all 7 days (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) 

  • Group shuttle to/from Bocas del Toro Airport 

  • Daily yoga

  • Self Growth and Dream Big Workshop 

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Cultural Heritage Workshop with Ngöbe Bugle Tribe


  • Airfare -

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Alcoholic Beverages 



We suggest to fly to/from PTY (Panama City Airport) on the

Then, we will fly to BOC (Bocas del Toro) from PAC (Panama City Airport) at 9am or 5pm on the  (Air Panama Flight )

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Casa Comunal is home.  Nestled directly upon the lush shores of the Caribbean and a ten minute walk from the best and most consistent breaks in Bocas del Toro, this warm and inviting space was designed respectfully towards its environment with the intent to promote shared learning, spirited interaction and above all, human connection.  It is a place where bonds are formed so strongly within that they benefit the local community outside.

Designed with sustainable living in mind, the water system runs off of rain catchment, and a landscape filled with tropical fruit bearing trees provide an abundance of healthy, organic delicacies. In addition, many of the furniture pieces were handcrafted by local woodworkers out of reused building materials and/or naturally fallen trees.  Great effort has been taken to reduce our energy consumption while maintaining maximum comfort for our guests.  The lighting system runs highly efficient, warm-colored dimmable LED bulbs.  For temperature control, the home's orientation and window and ceiling fan configurations were designed with natural cross breeze patterns in mind to maximize airflow throughout.



Our chef will cook with the finest local & organic ingredients to make the most amazing delicacy. We will have a farm to table experience which includes GMO Free Food, super green food smoothies, fresh picked fruit, hemp milk, and homemade granola.

Colon, the main island is inhabited by a Latin, Spanish-speaking community. The sounds are salsa and reggaeton, the flavors are slow-marinated chicken, rice and beans, onions and habanero. By contrast Bastimentos, the largest island in the group, is mostly an Afro-Caribbean community that speaks Creole. Here, the food is 'jerked' and the music is reggae and dancehall. Throughout the islands, there is also a diverse community of expats, European, North and South American, and Chinese, whose respective shops and restaurants offer even more unique flavors, from the charming French bakery to Argentinean and German specialty cuisine, to the healthy American-style organic grocery and health food store.




BONNIE WRIGHT - Actress, Filmmaker, Environmentalist

Bonnie Wright is an Actress, Director, and Greenpeace Ambassador. From 2001 to 2011, she played Ginny Weasley in all eight films in the Harry Potter series. She feels fortunate to have spent a lot of time as a child by the sea or swimming in its waters and growing up with her Grandfather who was an officer in the Navy. She now lives by the ocean in California and surfs every another day.  A staunch believer that individual change adds up.







Born and raised in Florence, Italy Giulia has been on her personal pursuit of what creates and maintains happiness.  Giulia's kind heart and creative spirit shine through her work and are showcased in the giving back projects WE ARE does abroad.  When she is not trying to find the key to happiness Giulia is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and a lover of any adventure; from snowboarding on the slopes to dancing on water while surfing you will find her with a big smile and open heart.  





WE ARE Panama Bocas del Toro Cultural Heritage Cacao Ceremony  Give Back

Only a 5-minute boat ride away, we will discover the first-hand magnificence of this tropical island. We will work alongside farmers in the jungles and engage in a range of activ­it­ies designed to bring you closer to the nat­ural envir­on­ment and local com­munit­ies of spec­tac­u­lar Bas­ti­men­tos Island.  We will visit a local cacao farm, La Loma, to be apart and see the production of 100% pure Panamanian chocolate. This tropical forest crop thrives under the jungle canopy in compost rich soil entirely free of pesticides and fertilizers.


Panama Bocas del Toro Farm


We will travel deeper into the jungle and interact with the largest indigenous Ngöbe Bugle tribe in Bocas. These women use natural palm and/or wild pineapple fibers to make elaborately patterned bags called chàcaras. Using palm tree fibers and various leaves, fruits, roots and vines, they create natural colorful tinctures to create these beautiful bags. Everyone uses these bags for transporting everything from babies to market goods on the mountainous trails of their tribal homeland in western Panama. We will participate in a workshop where we will learn the process of making these bags to truly understand their tradition and culture. 


WE ARE trips are built on the foundation of giving back to the communities we visit, with the desire to leave an impact of gratitude and service. Through  awareness, and compassion, we recognize our privilege to travel and thrive in the connections that effortlessly break language and cultural boundaries.

We are collaborating with Give & Surf ! A non-profit organization that focuses and provides sustainable efforts to the indigenous communities in Bocas del Toro. Community members in these areas are often remote and impoverished, finding themselves limited in the number of resources and opportunities. We will work together with Give & Surf to encourage personal growth and group bonding using art and the ocean as our tools.

On this adventure, we will engage in a one-day women’s empowerment clinic to address gender inequality, body image and other cultural issues through the ocean.  We will continue to collaborate with Changing Tides Foundation to sustain the program's growth, check in, and encourage the members of the community to continue their progress of connecting to the ocean.

We will give back to the Ngöbe Bugle tribe through our workshop by helping build their economies, growing personally and communally.   Through our participation in the workshop we will help to instill economic independence. Women who can earn an income have far more options to protect and advance their lives and the lives of their children.  Those who find a way to earn their own money not only lift their families, they also lift their communities and inspire other women entrepreneurs.  We have consciously chosen to direct our money toward these goods and this community instead of tourists shops.  



We will also be apart of a community Beach Clean-Up to shine light on environment and ocean awareness as we always leave a beach better than how we entered it.  

One tree is planted for every Adventure sign-up to help protect our planet and natural resources. Help us to built WE ARE FOREST. If you are interested, find out more at TREEDOM




IMPORTANT : Please read our FAQ and Terms of Service BEFORE BOOKING!  

Hope to see you there!