Personal Growth

Who are you? When you answer this question, tell yourself. This is not a trick question so feel free to answer however  you’d like but try to keep the ‘negative’ aspects out; you can start with your name or maybe even your strong points. For We Are Creative Adventurers, we love that we are a team who care for the world and spread love and passion to those we connect with. However, we are aware that we can always grow and improve to spread our movement. Instead of this being a hindrance on our confidence, we use it as fuel to move forward. This is what we’d like to instill in every retreat goer; focus on all your little perfections but recognize that the imperfections are there to inhibit personal growth.  

On each retreat, we will take the time to appreciate ourselves and strive to grow personally. We will focus on topics such as establishing a routine, coming to terms with our own flaws, setting goals to match our own unique dreams, and more. We will learn the importance of helping oneself to help others and return to normal life with a stronger sense of self. We know you’ve been needing an escape from the noise of life but instead of searching for a vacation to temporarily tune it out, the experience will help alter your  sense of being so that you can return to everyday life feeling empowered, mindful, and the best version of yourself.

We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.




Our passion for wandering is distinctly connected to our bodies. It is without mention of the mind for a wandering mind could lead us into treacherous territory. In the marathon we run that is life, it is easy to become consumed about what will come in the next hours, days, or weeks. We want to acknowledge that nothing is more important than the exact moment you are in. Infatuation over the past or future comes at the cost of one’s well being and happiness.

As We Are Creative Adventurers, we want to bring focus back to the here and now. We’ve created retreats and experiences so worthwhile that one can’t help but to take in the awe of a specific moment. One of our unspoken themes and goals of each retreat is to achieve this state of being through meditation, yoga, and workshops that encompass the very practice of being present.