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WE ARE is proud to announce its next adventure to Playa Viva, Mexico--where we will be partnering with Leslie Inc. for a unique #WorkHappy workshop experience. This trip is for the woman who wants to bring their life to the next level, reconnect with themselves, experience new adventures and dive deeper into their own research for happiness. Participate in powerful insightful workshops led by Leslie Juvin-Acker. Creatively reset with daily yoga classes taught by Giulia Bacci, Founder of WE ARE Creative Adventurers. --disconnect from all distractions and reconnect with your intuition.  Immerse in all the elements a new adventure has to offer.  Reset and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with this all encompassing journey to tap into our true individual potential when we come together as a community of like-minded women from around the world.  Get inspired and refocused on your vision of success.

Adventure Itinerary

2. Gondwana (2 nights)

Experience the magic of a Big 5 Safari at the luxurious Gondwana Game Reserve. Elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and leopards – check!

Gondwana Safari Lodge offers the opportunity to see the Big 5 in their natural habitat. With morning and afternoon safari drives, there will be loads of opportunities to make your safari dreams come true.

There’s nothing like watching the sun set over Africa with a “sundowner” drink, before tucking into your bush villa for the night. We’ll also be spending some time in an editing workshop, where you’ll learn how to refine your images and take your photography to the next level.

Included in the Tour:

  • 4 Safari Drives

  • Luxury Villa Accommodation

  • Delicious Homemade Cuisine

1. CAPE TOWN (4 Nights)

A cosmopolitan African city by the sea, Cape Town has more to offer than breathtaking views and unmissable photo opportunities (although there are loads of those too). The city has a rich cultural heritage and vibrant energy.

Highlights of our itinerary in Cape Town include Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Clifton Beach, Boulder’s Beach and more!

You’ll be staying in picture-perfect Camps Bay, in a luxurious and secure villa, with all the amenities a girl could ask for. Fast wifi, mega views, and a fully-stocked wine fridge, of course!

Included in the Tour:

  • Scenic flight over Cape Town with Cape Town Helicopters

  • Photo walk and cooking lesson in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood

  • Traditional braai (barbeque) with a local che

  • Full-day tour of the Cape Peninsula

  • Meet African penguins at Boulders Beach

  • Visit the Old Biscuit Mill Market

  • Street art photography tour in Woodstock

Not Included 

  • Transportation to/from South Africa

  • Travel & Medical Insurance (Required)

  • Alcohol (Outside of listed activities)

  • Additional Snacks & Meals

  • Souvenirs

  • Tips for Drivers and Guides

3. Stellenbosch (2 nights) 

Sip your way through the beautiful Stellenbosch Wine Valley. Views for days, award-winning wine and life on a working wine farm await.

The Stellenbosch winelands are home to some of South Africa’s best wine farms, with more natural beauty than you’ll know what to do with. We’ll be staying in the heart of the winelands, tasting our way around some of the region’s best farms.

Meet a winemaker, learn about the process of making wine, or feel free to just take it all in while sipping and relaxing.

Included in the Tour:

  • Wine Tasting

  • Farm-to-Table Food

  • Fun Activities



Flights should be booked to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (ZIH) Airport - Arrival Time - approx. between  11am - 6pm Departure Time - approx. 10-12pm

OUR Ambassador & Facilitators

Jessica olie

Founder of Lets Start Yoga.

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer at Leslie Inc. where she coaches stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Her message is happiness and she helps leaders find their State of Happiness with intuitive insight, practical advice, and simple solutions. Leslie Inc. was founded on the mission of providing holistic spiritual, mental, and emotional intelligence guidance, training, and resources to empower leaders to create a world they love.

Leslie Juvin-Acker will empower you as you enhance your intuition, creativity, and leadership skills with training designed for the modern, intuitive female leader.

Find more about Leslie here:





Founder of WE ARE and Yoga teacher

Born and raised in Florence, Italy Giulia has been on her personal pursuit of what creates and maintains happiness.  Giulia's kind heart and creative spirit shine through her work and are showcased in the giving back projects WE ARE does abroad.  When she is not trying to find the key to happiness Giulia is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and a lover of any adventure; from snowboarding on the slopes to dancing on water while surfing you will find her with a big smile and open heart.  


accommodation - PLAYA VIVA (Zihuatanejo)

Combining simple elegance with natural beauty and a commitment to improving the environment and the local community, Playa Viva is a sustainable boutique hotel located on the western coast of Mexico, just 35 minutes south of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport. Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains near the village of Juluchuca, Playa Viva is situated on a mile of pristine and private beach. 

The property’s nearly 200 acres includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem which supports an array of stunning wildlife. Playa Viva is close enough to the trappings of modernity yet worlds away providing immersion into the wonders of nature and escape to utter private relaxation.



The surrounding community - Juluchuca

Juluchuca is a small rural town with about roughly 350-400 inhabitants. Agriculture and cattle ranching dominate the majority of the local economy, with some residents engaged in subsistence fishing and a few small industries (e.g. the coconut sweets factory and the salt flats). Like many rural areas of Mexico, Juluchuca has unfortunately suffered the consequences of a lack of a strong central government and misguided development.

Most households live on about 7 USD per day, and with average household size of 4 people, that is about $1.90 per day per person.

Lack of reliable water service, waste management, quality education and health services has left the town in a despondent state. As part of Playa Viva's central mission, they are working to regenerate the surrounding community (economically, socially and environmentally) by restoring what has been lost by extractive industries. 


Community Part I

One of the foundational principles of WE ARE’s mission is the desire to give back to the destinations visited; redefining how we answer call to travel. 

We will be partnering with a local soup kitchen & community garden in Playa Viva.  The overall goal of community garden and nutrition awareness project is to foster greater physical and emotional well-being for the residents of Juluchuca by improving food access (school & community gardens), nutritional education (monthly cooking workshops and talks), and mind/body awareness through yoga and meditation (classes in the community, adults and children).  Currently farm interns have installed an organic vertical garden for the comedor comunitario (community kitchen) in Juluchuca and we are working to expand the vertical garden into a permanent garden space. This space along with the home garden at the volunteer house in town are to serve as learning centers for healthy eating and ecological farming. They also hold nutritional cooking workshops each month at the soup kitchen, through the support of the Eco Vegan Cooperative in Zihuatanejo. Support is always needed for maintaining this project as well as expanding the project to create new gardens in the community and conduct more workshops on nutrition, health and wellness & that is where we come in!

Community PArt II

We have teamed up with non-profit “Pack for a Purpose” to support the local elementary school Juluchuca. Giving back to the community is easy, and giving to benefit children is one of the best ways to help. The local elementary school in Juluchuca, would benefit greatly from some things that may be in your donation pile. Instead, pack it in your suitcase and bring it to children who often do not have proper clothes or shoes to wear, paper to do lessons with and few books in their classrooms.


We will also clean up every beach we set foot in - a small and simple effort, that shines a light on the issues of waste, particularly when it pours directly into our oceans.

For every attendee, WE ARE plants a tree through the international movement, Treedom in order to help rebuild forests, capture CO2 emissions, improve air quality and create a tangible symbol for the WE ARE Mission.  



One tree is planted for every adventure sign-up to help protect our planet and natural resources. Help us to built WE ARE FOREST. If you are interested, find out more at


A Journey to Zero Waste
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