Herewith Magazine


A CALLING OF HEARTS - A journey through Morocco with We Are Creative Adventurers

Revelation - Issue 004

photo and word by Kat Reynolds


"As humans, we are meant to connect. Deep within us lies an intuitive calling that is so strong we can feel it in our bones. Sometimes we don't understand where that calling comes from, or what it's leading us to. Whether it draws us to nature, to others, our roots, our heritage, or to the deepest parts of ourselves, it is a compass guiding us on life's great journey. 

This calling recently led me to Morocco, a destination I would share with an incredible group of passionate and supportive women who also answered the call to connection, and who would discover a new part of themselves through an exploration of the landscape, the intimate learning of its people and cultural traditions, vulnerabilities revealed to one another and, of course, a shared love of surfing."

A revelation unfolded of our inner wild women, of our true and raw nature.
Keelee Lovaas