sustainable Tourism

We Are’s vision lies in creating change in the communities we visit. Thus far, we’ve given back on a small yet impactful scale. Our goal is to leave an even larger footprint in the communities of our upcoming trips.

We will expand our horizons and shift our focus on becoming a sustainable tourism agency. Our first step in making this dream a reality is by teaming up with Treedom throughout all our travels to create our new project, We Are Forest. For every retreat sign up, a tree is planted in collaboration with this international movement to help capture CO2 emissions and as a result, improve air quality. Imagine the change we can initiate with all the upcoming and already planned retreats averaging about 10-12 women on each of them. We'd create our very own forest; an area of land in our name, directly correlated with retreat goers' desire to protect mother nature. 

Our hopes of becoming a name in sustainable tourism begins with a strong foundation in sustainable development. We've concluded that our goals for sustainable development dwell in protecting life on land and promoting economic growth; two driving factors for all of our upcoming retreats. 

Cacao Tree - Join our Forest
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Creativity was a driving force when deciding what we would do for this community. We decided what better way to do so than fuel the local children’s creativity with painting. All our supplies for that day were donated by DaVinci Paints; we couldn’t have made a difference without them.


Mindful travelling is something we emphasize; don’t pack what you don’t need. But let’s not forget about living mindfully in a general sense. This starts with getting rid of the clothes we’ve hoarded over the years and convinced ourselves that we’ll need. In Morocco, we’ve teamed up with Project 91 in their Leave Your Wardrobe In Morocco Campaign. The idea is to not only donate our old clothing but to create a unique rug out of them; this rug will be sold and the money will be given back to the local community.