FEBRUARY 23-28, 2019

One of the foundational principles of WE ARE’s mission is the desire to give back to the destinations visited; redefining how we answer call to travel. 



We are partnering with a local soup kitchen & community garden in Playa Viva.  The overall goal of the community garden and nutrition awareness project is to foster greater physical and emotional well-being for the residents of Juluchuca by improving food access (school & community gardens), nutritional education (monthly cooking workshops and talks), and mind/body awareness through yoga and meditation (classes in the community, adults and children).  Currently farm interns have installed an organic vertical garden for the comedor comunitario (community kitchen) which we are looking to expand and turn into a permanent garden space. 

This space along with the home garden at the volunteer house in town are serving as learning center for healthy eating and ecological farming.  They also hold nutritional cooking workshops each month at the soup kitchen , through the support of the Eco Vegan Cooperative in Zihuatanejo. 

Support is always needed for maintaining this project as well as expanding the project to create new gardens in the community and conduct more workshops in nutrition, health and wellness & that is where we come in!



We have teamed up with non-profit “Pack for a Purpose” to support the local elementary school. Giving back to the community is easy, and giving to benefit children is one of the best ways to help. The local elementary school in Juluchuca, the small village next to Playa Viva, would benefit greatly from some things that may be in your donation pile. Instead, pack it in your suitcase and bring it to children who often do not have proper clothes or shoes to wear, paper to do lessons with and few books in their classrooms.


We will also clean up every beach we set foot in - a small and simple effort, that shines a light on the issues of waste, particularly when it  pours directly into our oceans.

Lexi Caudill