Hand make your experience...

HOSTED BY Julie Ellis

⚑ Rais Case - 1834 South Coast Hwy

◷ 3:00pm-5:00pm

$ $120 for one person, $200 for a pair

⚅ September 9, 2018

About you host, Julie Ellis...

You will have the opportunity to work with Julie Rais Ellis, owner of Rais Case or Emily Lebs, who runs the sales and events of Rais Case. Julie began her journey with leather work in 2010. She was a teacher and with $200 she bought a sewing machine and some fabric with a simple desire to make a bag for her computer; what she discovered was a deep joy for making practical goods. With no formal training in sewing or design, Julie found ways to use her background in art to guide her through the process. What began as a personal project, quickly turned into a hobby, and slowly evolved into a study of quality, design, and fashion.

What we will do...

This DIY craft will be hands on as we will be creating personalized leather crafts for you to take home. These items include the design of:

- 3 Key Fobs

- 1 Canvas Zipper Pouch

- 1 Net bag

As we help you make these crafts you will be learning the skills and variety of hand tools that are necessary in the making of your items.

We will provide...

All the leather, hardware, and one on one guidance that is needed to make a small collection of leather goods. Plus, you can also get a drink of your choice from Revolution Roasters!

Who can come?

Any girl gang, woman, mother, sister, or daughter over the age of 7 is welcome to come! 

Additional info...

As we create these personalized leather goods together for you to take home, we recommend using Pinterest to spark your creative side before coming in and brainstorming some words or phrases you would like to put on your craft.

We will be in the shop of Rais Case where their DIY workbench is set up for our customers to come in and shop and create. Rais Case would love to extend a private discount on our bags for you as well as give you a tour of the block their shop is on.

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