⚑280 Melba Road, Encinitas 92024

◷ 5:30pm-7:00pm

$ 35 per person

⚅ August, 18 2018

About your host, Sarah Rogo...


Sarah Rogo is a professional musician and singer with an equal passion for yoga and meditation. Throughout her journey, she has discovered that singing is so much more than technique -- it's also about emotion, the mind, the body, and the soul. Therefore, her passion is blending music and meditation together! While on the road playing or recording, Sarah always makes it a point to constantly examine what is keeping her from unleashing her fullest self through her voice and performance. All in all, it is Sarah's ability to achieve the perfect harmony of creative talent and minfulness in her music that makes her a creative adventurer!

What we will do...

In this workshop, Sarah will teach us how to do meditations and non-conventional vocal toning exercises. We will talk about the different layers of ourselves (body/mind/spirit) and how they relate to us singing. Singing can be scary, but Sarah help you understand your fears and how to work with them. Whether you are a professional looking to get more in touch with your voice or someone who is terrified of singing in the shower, this workshop is for you!

What to bring...

a notepad

a pen or pencil


Who can come?

This workshop is for all skill and comfort levels. It is perfect for any woman, any age who is open to learning how to find peace through breath exercises and confidence in her musical abilities. 

Sarah we are creative adventurers
Sarah we are creative adventurers
Sarah we are creative adventurers